Stainless Penis Ring
Stainless Penis Ring

Stainless Penis Ring

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The hottest boudoir secret, this sexy holy product specially designed for it, you can wear it secretly all day long, allowing you to greedily enjoy the thrill of depth and expansion, the perfect curve keeps you comfortable for a long time, and the coldness of stainless steel Touch and gravity, strengthen your sensitive nerves. The special handle is delicately combined with the physiological structure every time you enter and exit, strengthening the body's response...

Unique material, you can easily clean, wipe and save. Stainless steel has the characteristics of low specific heat. Although it feels cold at first, it will change rapidly with body temperature. 


【Material】 Metal stainless steel

[Size] Double bead open ring: circle inner diameter 25/28/30/32/35/40mm, circle thickness 3mm, bead diameter 8mm, weight about 10 grams